Online Educa Berlin 2010 presentation

My Presentation at Online Educa Berlin 2010 (1-3. dec):

From Ash Cloud to Hashtag
In april 2010 the 13th Aegean conference (Kosmos) was to be held at the University of Copenhagen. Over a hundred participant were expected and the research community was looking forward to meeting up again.
However a vulcanic eruption suddenly changed all that, as all air traffic in most of Europe  was cancelled and only 7 participants were able to make it to Copenhagen.

It became one of the most interesting challenges (and greatest succes stories) both for the conference organizers, and for the E-Learning and Media department (ITMEDIA). In a couple of days the conference was changed completely and turned into an international online event. The conference ended up having close to two-thousand participants in stead of a hundred and fifty. Participants were following the presentations on a live stream, but also discussing and debating in the backchannel – and by popular demand the conference had to be extended from 3 to 4 days. How can you take your conference online? And what are the implications and possibilities for your future conferences or online event?

That same week ITMEDIA organized another conference: UCLE, which mainly had participants who were present at the event – but a stream and a backchannel were available here too. So to put the learnings from the “pure online event” into perspective: This presentation will also compare the options for “blended events” where a conventional conference has an online side, and the technology is optional. What are the differences in use and attitude?

PLE_BCN …Personal Learning Environments (Day 1)

Notes/slides/references from the PLE-conference on Personal Learning Environments. There’s also a live stream from all 4 rooms, as well as a daily paper generated from tweets etc. – oh and there’s slides here. Also – there’s videos in this group on YouTube.

(un)-keynote (thursday) by @courosa & @grahamattwell:

S4 – Workshop: Twitter, The Heart of your PLE?
Paulo Simões @pgsimoes, José Mota @josemota

S6 – Ples In Higher Education
Lisa Harris @lisaharris: Integrating “Employability” into the Curriculum: Case Studies of Online Portfolio Implementation in the UK
Sabrina Herbst: Informal Learning in Formal Contexts? An Empirical Assessment of the Potential Role of Ples in Higher Education
Xavier Mas: Informal Learning On The Web: A Proposal For The Integration of Formative Experiences in Higher Education

S9 – Ples And Teacher Training
Linda Castañeda: Patchworking Web 2.0 For Learning: Introducing Ict As A Professional Tool Building Personal Learning Environments
Joyce Seitzinger: Kia Ora And Gidday: The Impact Of An Informal Community Of Practice On An Educator’s Personal Learning Network
María Del Carmen (In Spanish!) Personal Learning Environment Design And The Professors’ Educative Training On Ict

S14 – Demo: Manchester PLE

An introduction to the Manchester PLE more about the PLE-system on the hedtek-website.

S15 – PLEs and institutions

Southampton University: Making it rich and personal: meeting institutional challenges from next generation learning environments

PLE as subset of PLN

BETT 2010

I attended the BETT show 2010. Rather than trying to put all the stuff I saw into words, or carry home 8026 fancy flyers & product leaflets I took pictures with my phone, and posted all of it straight to a posterous-blog. So any and all of what caught my eye is right here on my BETT2010-posterous with a few related comments…

If you only take one thing away from this, let it be Doug Dickinson’s links from his amazing talk on creativity.